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One of the biggest purchases made in a lifetime; often so little thought given to who can best represent you the buyer. Consider what’s at stake; your time, your money and maybe your quality
of life for the foreseeable future. All things considered the
selection of your Realtor could literally have a profound affect
your life.

How do you choose the right professional to represent you?

Interview and ask the right questions.

Who should you interview?

Ask your family, friends and associates about recommendations
based on their personal experiences. Don’t rely on hearsay, advertisement or hype.

What questions should you ask?

•  Do you work primarily with buyers; if so why?

•  Do you work full-time as an agent; if not, why not?

•  How long have you been a real estate agent?

•  How many transactions have you been responsible
for and closed in the last two years?

•  How many buyers are you presently working with?

•  What hours do you make yourself available?

•  Can you give examples of your negotiation skills?

•  Are you well-acquainted with the area where I plan
to look for a home?

•  Are you familiar with various financing options and
have relationships with the representative lenders?

•  Are you educated in the different types of sale conditions; traditional, pre-foreclosure & foreclosure?

•  Can you give me three references of buyers you have
worked with recently?

•  Do you arrange for the inspections and home warranty?

•  Can you explain my reports such as pest, home
inspection and appraisal?

•  At what point do you consider your responsibilities
to me to be concluded?

•  Do you have any professional designations and/or
awards? If so please elaborate.


** Many people wish to have additional information.

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