The process of buying a home can be made easy with the right professional team.
Your Realtor and lender are your two most important allies. They not only should
have a great skill set but communicate well with you and each other. Title and
escrow companies play a role as do your inspectors, appraiser and contractors.
Theirs is more in the support category, necessary but not front line. You will have
some selection as to whom will be used in these tasks. This statement can be
easily explained by your Realtor.

The following overview may sound like a lot to do but it is the reality of buying a
home with the lowest risk involved. We encounter many buyers cutting corners
trying to save time or stay anonymous as long as possible. Most often it will cost
them in the long run. Consult with a Realtor for guidance and happy hunting.

•  Select your Realtor – refer to the page ‘Choosing the Right Realtor’

•  Select you lender – refer to the page ‘ Mortgage Center & Calculators’

•  Get pre-approved or underwritten for your mortgage

•  Have your Realtor locate your high probability listings (closest matches)

•  Drive by the homes and view the closest neighborhoods

•  View the properties you have deemed acceptable from the street

•  Keep a log of the likes and dislikes of each property you see

•  Write an offer when ready

•  Forward your Earnest Money Deposit

•  Your Realtor will start the ball rolling and handle all the pertinent details
(converse with listing agent, contact your lender, open escrow…)

•  Consult with your Realtor about inspections and any contractor bids

•  Comply with all lender requests

•  Sign loan and title documents, forward any closing cost requirements

•  Receive your keys

•  Change your locks

•  Moving day, congratulations!


** For more information or help with any details click here: More Information