Foreclosure and pre-foreclosure properties have many situational variables. People have a tendency to lump them into generalized categories. That can be detrimental. Each has its own pros and cons. The best advice; don’t base any decision on the sole fact that it is or isn’t a foreclosure property. Judge rather by the individual property and its merits and/or drawbacks.

Interestingly countless articles exist pertaining to the sale of ‘distressed’ properties. Short sales, trustee sales (auctions) and REO (bank owned) properties are all the buzz. Yet in so many of the articles exists strong opinion mixed with the basic facts. From teaching you how to make a vast fortune buying them to the guilt of taking advantage of some ones misfortune. Here is how to shake it all out and differentiate. Simply go
to an unbiased and qualified source; an expert with nothing to gain or lose by educating you.

For the most precise and current information seek out a Realtor possessing a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) certificate. They are specifically trained in this arena. If at all possible find a Realtor who is also a listing agent for foreclosed properties. These are the Realtors who have been and are in the forefront of the foreclosure market.

If you want the facts without sentiment give us a call. Sure we have the credentials
and experience but you’ll get none of the rhetoric; just the facts.


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