Whether a seasoned investor or new to the experience we have the tools you’ll
need to profit. Education, a clear strategy and outside resources are the keys to
your success. Our ability to provide what you’re lacking no matter what your skill
level will make us your biggest asset. Outlined below you’ll find some of the
common means we help our clients use in their quest for profit. “It’s time to stop working for the dollar and make the dollar work for you”.


Preferred Types of Financing:

> Private Lender/ Hard Money – Equity based, 65% to ARV (After Repaired Value)

> Transactional – (flip funds) – short term, normally wholesale uses

Most investors prefer to maximize their profits by leveraging; using other
people’s money. Although leveraging is not without risk it can provide almost endless possibilities even for those with poor credit and/or little to no cash
of their own. Notice we didn’t mention government/government backed or conventional.


Offer Accepted, Not Rejected:

> ‘Scope of Work’ Document – statement, process and justification

> Detailed Pictorial – visual overview supporting necessary repairs

> Contractor bids – minimum 2 bids per phase

Far too many purchase offers get rejected. We hear it all the time “This is the
##  time my offer has been rejected. Guaranteed it is the way the offer has
been written and submitted. If you want properties for the lowest prices
invest the time to make it happen.


Purchase Motives:

> Rehab for Resale – repair and flip

> Rehab for Rentals – repair for investment

> Pre-rehab for Resale – clean and odorize for fast flip

> Wholesale – resell at close (buyer found during contract period)

> Reverse Wholesale – resell at close (buyer determined before contract period)

Determine what your objective will be before any purchase. Each target above will have a different scope of criteria to meet. Know that criteria and be prepared to act immediately upon clearance.


Lining up Buyers:

> Cash.in.Hand – preferred

> Financed – pre-screened with an underwritten pre-approval

If not intending to hold a property as an investment complete your tasks and sell it quickly. Pre-market your property; call your contacts, add signage and promote the coming soon exposure. Create an interest with as many potential buyers as possible. Disclose your progress but not your methods. It’s all about the hype and buyer emotion.


Bottom Line:

Open your mind to all the investment possibilities, choose those most advantageous for you and learn all you can about them. Investment can be a wonderful thing and with the right preparation it can yield a tidy profit.


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