Get the crime statistics of any neighborhood:

We are all burdened by increasing crime. Our advise is always to research neighborhood crime before your buy there. Sadly we know many buyers don’t and suffer because of it. Do yourself a favor and don’t be one of them.  This service is free. Click this button and we’ll map out any crimes near the address you choose.

 Crime Statistics


Know where the sex offenders are before you buy:

This may scare you a bit. It’s surprising how many registered offenders there are living around us. Granted, not all offenders are violent but their location should be something considered. We will map these individuals for you at no charge. Click this button and enter the neighborhood you wish investigated.

 Sex Offenders


You can buy homes even when they’re not listed for sale:

We’re changing the rules of home shopping. In the past your purchase choices were limited to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings. It was a rather harsh dependency; if a suitable home wasn’t listed you either had to wait for one or compromise your wishes/needs. Now you don’t have to do either.  We’ve sidestepped this age-old limitation by creating an innovative program called ‘Seller Cultivation’. Click here to learn more about this program and register.

 Seller Cultivation


Register for our first-time home buyers classes:

Have some of the area’s top real estate professionals teach you what you’ll need to know about buying and owning your first home. Learn about financing, affordability, escrow, taxation, maintenance expectations and much more. It’s free with no obligations. Click this button to sign-up or ask questions about the course.

 First-Time Buyers


We’re here to help, do you have any suggestions?

We are always looking for more ways to help the public get accurate real estate information. Though we are a leading resource in our great valley we are not perfect. We welcome your input and suggestions to help us get better.  Click this button, tell us what’s on your mind so we can all benefit.   

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