Buy a home you really want… Even if it’s not listed for sale!

Not a problem:

We’re changing the rules of home shopping. In the past your purchase choices were limited to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings. It was a rather harsh dependency; if a suitable home wasn’t listed you either had to wait for one or compromise your wishes/needs. Now you don’t have to do either.  We’ve sidestepped this age-old limitation by creating an innovative program called ‘Seller Cultivation’.


The concept:

From experience we know there’s a lot of owners who may be willing to sell but for some reason haven’t elected to try. If tapped this pool of owners can represent a huge selection of homes to choose from for buyers. So why has this part of the housing market gone virtually untouched? Partially because it’s far from the normal thought patterns of most. But more likely because it posses all kinds of new challenges. Sourcing the appropriate owners, establishing a working relationship and negotiating an acceptable contract are just a few. Add to them the regularity of success.

So what did we do about all of this? Developed a master plan. A strategy that organizes our efforts from beginning to end. Basically a roadmap enabling even the more complex aspects to be carried out with seeming ease. We ended up with a controlled process and a complete package for our clients we call ‘Seller Cultivation’.



The rewards are plentiful. No more late night Internet searches, emailed MLS listings from agents or Open House viewings. No more weekends spent looking at house after house. Best of all, no one competes with your offer. Simply put you get a home you want, at a price that’s right  without having to compromise anything.


Get started today:

Tell us a little about yourself and what you are looking for. The form below makes it easy. It will put you in contact with one of our ‘Seller Cultivation’ professionals. All we ask in return for use of this resource is that you have a pre-approval letter appropriate for your purchase and a buyers brokerage arrangement with us. The minimum target purchase price must be at least $230,000.




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