Finding the basic resources to sell your home is not a difficult thing. The internet is a popular place to start and there are 1000’s of agents capable of guiding you down the path. But basic resources and competent guidance isn’t enough, not if you expect to yield all that can be gained while minimizing your liabilities. There are many facets to this transaction, all sharing the need for attention to detail. Details that are often overlooked and can have consequences; sometimes harsh consequences. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional representation. Qualify those you’ll depend on carefully.


A New Age:

Industry leaders are advancing their procedural strategies at a record pace. Streamlining What were once fundamentals of daily business have become Its hurried evolution has left many behind the educational curveThe tried and true methods of yesterday have given way to the cutting edge and highly productive. For some the sale of real estate has become a precise and deliberate process and separated those who evolve    Prepackaged or preconceived selling methods are now a thing of the past. The ’51 point marketing plan’ and ‘pitch book; one size fits all’ listing models have run their course and been replaced by more proactive and successful approaches.

It’s now possible to orchestrate much of the early sale process transaction to a guided result Marketing aspects have evolved into a mostly internet based platform and   Significant information once difficult to gatherCommunication sources that now exist, the sale of a home should be more like a fine orchestration of detail and guided result.  Details can be planned A tailored a specific plan of action is more important than ever. The combinations of available toolsThat’s not to say the internet and social marketing are  either though they do play a role. Its bigger than that. When it comes to potential buyers and our world-wide economy we are no longer bound by geography, language barriers or financial limitations. In this case it may end up to be who you know or at least where to find them. advent



Promises are easy to make; keeping them can be difficult at times. We’ve all been let down. In the midst of a transaction wouldn’t be a good time to find out you have been. Interview your representative carefully. You can refer to our page titled ‘Choosing The Right Realtor’ located on the ‘Seller resources’ section for help. Think of it as if you were grilling the teenage boy there to pick up your daughter for her first date. As for us, we’ll stand on our reputation and offer references.