A How-to In Getting:


– Prepared

– Marketed

– Showings

– Offers

– Your Price


Pricing to Sell

Inaccuracy of a sale price always comes at a cost. Priced too high a property will be ignored by the consumer, too low it will reduce potential profit. Most sellers won’t list below normal pricing suggestions but far too often we see the opposite. Even the best marketing programs rarely stand a chance of selling a property if the asking price is placed above current market value. The best advice: Use a Realtor you trust to justify actual and current market value, leave your emotions behind and listen to them. Pricing past the upper end of value usually will mean a lengthy delay of sale, lots of lowball offers and on average will net far less return than can be had otherwise. Remember buyers are a savvy bunch especially when teamed with a sharp Realtor.


Marketing Plan

A great marketing plan can make a huge difference in the length of sale time but moreover the profit yielded by the transaction. Each client and corresponding property should have a personalized plan designed for their specific needs. The ‘one size fits all’ plans so often touted/advertised should be avoided. Remember your particular situation is NOT just like everyone else’s and should not be treated as if it were. If a preconfigured plan is presented to you look for another agent to represent your interests.


Buyer Incentives, Pros and Cons

Put simply a buyer incentive is an offer by the seller for additional financial enticement if a sale agreement can be reached. Properly used they can draw attention to your listing. That’s good. What’s bad is that you might be sending signals of seller weakness or desperation. With that may come offers lower than desired or asking for more than you are willing to give. It sounds like a double edged sword doesn’t it?
Here’s the hidden beauty. Remember the idea is to get more attention and purchase offers. If you have an outstanding Realtor they can easily weed out the dead beats and now you’ll likely have a bigger pool of legitimate buyers to work with. If that Realtor is also an experienced negotiator the chances are good that you’ll end up in contract (escrow) much sooner rather than later.


Preparing to Sell

What should be the first and is fundamentally the most important place to begin is with your own frame of mind. From now on you’ll be living in a house for sale not the home you’ve become accustom to. You’ll need to remove yourself emotionally from your surroundings and consider this an investment in your future profits. Buyers attempt to imagine a house as being their home. Your job will be to help them. That means removing any distraction.
Below we’ve compiled a list of the cheapest and easiest physical actions you can take to make your property stand out from the crowd. Remember your goal is to out shine your selling competition.


Enhance Your Homes Appeal

· Pack your personal life and remove the clutter:
· Pack up your personal photographs, knick-knacks and family heirlooms.
· Remove 90% of what’s on your kitchen and bathroom counters
· Remove 80% of the books on your shelves
· Put daily use items in boxes and place them neatly in a closet


Straighten up those kitchen cabinets and closets

· Neatly align your jars and boxed goods
· Stack your dishes, pots and pans pleasingly
· Turn your coffee cup handles the same way
· Hang shirts together, pants together and suits together
· Line up your shoes


Rent a short term storage unit, seriously

Ideally you’ll want just enough furniture in your house to ‘showcase’ each room’s purpose. The less the better. Leave as much room to move around as possible. In doing so each space can appear larger thus enabling a buyers own imagination to wander.


Make minor repairs

· Replace cracked floor and/or counter tiles
· Patch any holes in walls
· Fix leaky faucets
· Replace burned-out light bulbs
· Consider painting interior walls neutral colors
· Repaint exterior doors and/or trim as necessary


Make it sparkle & shine

· Wash windows inside and out
· Clean carpets
· Mop hard floors
· Vacuum daily
· Polish faucets and mirrors
· Bleach dingy grout
· Scrub tile enclosures
· Re-caulk showers, tubs and sinks
· Dust furniture, ceiling fans and light fixtures
· Hose off sidewalks and exterior side walls
· Remove all spider webs
*No Odors! Air out and deodorize any smelly areas


Curb appeal

· Mow the lawn
· Eliminate any weed growth
· Plant bright flowers (lots of yellow of gold)
· Trim bushes and trees
· Make sure the house number is easy to see


Label Unique Features With 3 x 5 Cards

This tactic is seldom seen but achieves two important goals. First it allows you to draw attention to some of the fun or unique features of the house. Things like a hidden washer/dryer setup, a large pantry, custom wiring, unusual upgrades or whatever. Second the rareness of these labels in itself helps set the buyers viewing experience apart from any others on their list.


Showing Availability

Unoccupied residencies generally can be shown at any time. Occupied houses can be a lot trickier. Seller concerns like the safety of children, pets and belongings come into play. Believe me though, most buyers are not sympathetic to the plight of the seller. It happens a lot; a buyer unable to see a property because of scheduling difficulties moves past it and never looks back. Make your house available whenever possible, the more the better. Ask your Realtor to help if a tough situation arises.


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